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blackoutkick reblogged your post I was walking past this guard on my wa… and added:

Not a single MALE guard ? You know what this means right! Could only mean one thing!

Taco Tuesday?

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Working on Hallows End gifsets tonight. They will be posted sometime late tomorrow guys :)

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LOL that guy did that to me in ORG the other day too! it was my first day on Hyjal. what a welcome LOL

HA! I am so sorry! We’re not all super creepy, I swear. And welcome to the circus! <3

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I swear my server is full of weirdos.

Boyfriend said to take a screenshot while we were tricked, so I did. Seems my pet got a little too excited for the photo op. I’m the ghoul with the fancy hair.

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I was walking past this guard on my way into the AH and I seen something not so right. Her right shoulder pads texture is totally out of whack. So out of curiosity I flew around the whole city of Orgrimmar to see if any of the other guards were screwed up. I counted 14 of the female guards in the same shape, but not a single one of the male guards were borked. Weird patch week bugs.


What are you even doing?

How does WoW lore work?






Raid: Okay everyone rebuff